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Touch-less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


No touch hand sanitizers promote cleanliness, and germ protection. Keeps your business and home safer.  Dispenser design may vary.



HIGH CAPACITY REFILLABLE HAND SANITIZER STATION: This no touch hand sanitizer dispenser will hold 1000ml of your favorite liquid hand sanitizer.

2 DISPENSING OPTIONS: Simply choose between single drip (1 mL ) or multi-drip (2mL) dispensing drops on the side of the dispenser to balance efficient use and maximize the cleanliness of your clients.

CONVENIENT TOUCH-FREE FUNCTION: Operated by an automatic sensor, this touch-less sanitizer dispenser makes the process much more hygienic. Simply place your hand a couple inches under the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, and the liquid will spray directly into your palm.

CLEAN 30,000 HANDS: If you choose to use the battery option, expect approximately 30,000 sprays before you need to replace the 4 AA batteries. Or you can plug the liquid hand sanitizer dispenser directly into the electrical outlet (USB plug included).

EASY INSTALLATION IN A FEW MINUTES: All installation hardware and instructions are included to ensure a stable and secure installation. Or if you prefer to attach to your wall, you can use heavy duty double-sided tape or silicone adhesive instead (not included).

NO TOUCH AUTOMATIC HAND SANITIZER DISPENSER- Touch free wireless battery operated hand sanitizer dispenser requires 4 AA batteries.

BUSINESS, HOME, OR SCHOOL USE – Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can be used with any hand sanitizer pour in refills or fits most soap and sanitizer dispensers pour in refills.

BATTERY OPERATED HAND SANITIZER STATION – Can be used anywhere; no outlet needed. Easy to mount outside businesses on walls or stands.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in

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